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I've developed a Catalyst application without having regularly added dependencies to Makefile.PL using the requires 'Module::Foo'; way. It was not a problem during development, but now I have to deploy. I have used a lot of modules, it is a pain to do this work.

Is there a common way to parse all the .pm files in lib directory and write it to the Makefile.PL? Is there a reason that each time we use a module, it is not automatically added to the Makefile.PL?

Does somebody would know a kind of Catalyst Helper or anything else that could make the job?

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You can use Dist::Zilla which has a plugin to detect your prerequisites


Or you could roll your own and grep your code for use and require statements.

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p3rl.org/Perl::PrereqScanner is the relevant part of Dist::Zilla, no need to install the whole monster. Please don't write another scanner, there are more than enough and you can't get the edge cases right. –  daxim Jul 21 '13 at 13:52

For simpler use case, @climagic recommends :

grep -rh ^use --include="*.pl" --include="*.pm" . | sort | uniq -c

as a solution which is not perfect, but gives you a start on the Perl modules in use.

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