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I have a <p>Example string</p> With some text inside. I want to use css to search for a word within that paragraph.

I know this is possible if you have e.g. <a href="test"></a> All you have to do then is:


But when I try to do this with my paragraph I can't seem to get it to work. I've tried:


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The short answer is NO, this is not possible using CSS only, what you are using is element[attr=val] selector which only selects elements with that particular attribute with that specific values. You need to use jQuery or Javascript with a regex to track the pattern and apply styles to its elements.

On the other hand you can create custom attributes with a prefix of data- so for example you can do something like

<p data-custom="Holder Text">Want to change this</p>
<p data-custom="Holder Text">Want to change this</p>
<p data-custom="Holder Text 2">Dont Touch This</p>

p[data-custom="Holder Text"] {
   color: red;


But again, this won't make sense here, you can simply assign the classes if you are aware what elements need to be changed.

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You cannot this using CSS only, however you can check this blog post about how to achieve this using jQuery.

Basically you should use :contains selector:

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if(p.innerHTML.match(/text/)) without jquery –  Ankit Jul 21 '13 at 11:29
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