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I have defined a json file in which I have all of my properties. when I try to access these properties in my code, it shows the property is null. I also tried accessing one of the properties form the pre-defined bundle colors in dojo folder and was able to access it. when tried adding a property in the same colors.js file and tried accessing it, it again showed that the property is null.

Any pointer would be of real help.

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JSON is a Javascript object definition, so you don't include JSON file but JavaScript file


<script src="js/config.js"></script>

var config = {
    someKey: 'Some Value'

Dynamic (NLS bundles):

require(["dojo/i18n!myproject/nls/messages"], function(messages) {.... })

  root: {
    someKey: 'Some message in some languange',  
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thanks for the help Web... but it was some other issue.. i was not giving the commas between two properties... :) –  Preet Jul 22 '13 at 14:10

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