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I'm pretty new to this whole sass/compass/susy thing and tried to follow these intructions: http://susy.oddbird.net/demos/magic/

But I can't get the min-width for the breakpoint working. When I add the the values to $computer and $tablet, like shown below, it runs into the following error.

Syntax error: (48em 16) is not a number for round' on line 59 of /susy/_functions.scss, inspan-columns'

Here's my setup:

$total-columns  : 4;             
$column-width   : 4em;            
$gutter-width   : 1em;            
$grid-padding   : $gutter-width;  
// breakpoint var
$tablet: 24em 8;
$computer: 48em 16;

// test container
body {    
    @include container($total-columns, $tablet, $computer);
// test element
.test {
    @include span-columns(4, $computer); 

But if I use it this way...

.test {
    @include span-columns(4, 16); 

...everything works as expected.

Any suggestion what's wrong or has to be done?

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span-columns doesn't take any breakpoint arguments like min-width (though it's an interesting idea). You need to use at-breakpoint in order to create your breakpoint, and then use span-columns inside of that:

.test {
  @include at-breakpoint($computer) {
    // anything inside here will happen at your 48em breakpoint, on a 16-column grid.
    // no need to pass a context to span-columns when that context is the full grid.
    @include span-columns(4);
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Now I get it! Works like a charm. Thank you very much! –  ben Jul 21 '13 at 21:27

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