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I'm requesting the following XML file from a server:

<Reason>Country added</Reason>
<Reason>Timezone added</Reason>
<Reason>Request completely succeeded</Reason>

I'm interested in the result of the request and the last reason. If an error appears, I'm receiving this XML:

<Reason>Request completely or partially failed.</Reason>

How do I handle the same tags? I was following these instructions: http://developer.android.com/training/basics/network-ops/xml.html

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You have to implement a state machine.

You have 3 states: Initial, Success and Failed. You start at Initial, then wait until you receive the Result tag. You switch state according to the content of the Result tag - choosing either Success or Failed.

Then, when you're handling the same tag such as Reason you can handle it differently according to which state you're in.

If you're only interested in the last reason, keep saving the reason in a state variable. When you finish parsing, its value is going to be the last one.

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