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Is it possible to implement the first example with Scalr?

My code is the following:

BufferedImage thumbnail = Scalr.resize(, Scalr.Method.ULTRA_QUALITY, Scalr.Mode.FIT_TO_WIDTH,
                width, height, Scalr.OP_ANTIALIAS);
ImageIO.write(thumbnail, destinationfile.getExtension(), destinationfile);

What I want is to receive the image like this: enter image description here where the blue bars are the space I want to fill with the color.

Thank you

Update: maybe it is possible to implement with Thumbnailator?

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Questions and answers should not rely on (external) links only, please describe the example at a minimum. Furtheemore, the only correct answers are "Yes" and "No" unless you are asking for a code example - which you shouldn't. –  Maarten Bodewes Jul 21 '13 at 14:00
@owlstead Sorry, updated. –  nKognito Jul 21 '13 at 14:03

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Nobody has idea so I will publish my solution... I decided to continue to use Scalr (I didn't checked the Thumbnailator's last version but the previous ones failed on big pictures). So first of all I call resize method, and then, if sizes of the new thumbnail are bigger then given ones I call crop method that crops a thumbnail by the center.. The code is the following:

BufferedImage thumbnail = Scalr.resize(sourceFile, Scalr.Method.ULTRA_QUALITY, Scalr.Mode.AUTOMATIC, destinationSize.width, destinationSize.height);
if (thumbnail.getWidth() > destinationSize.width)
    thumbnail = Scalr.crop(thumbnail, (thumbnail.getWidth() - destinationSize.width) / 2, 0, destinationSize.width, destinationSize.height);
else if (thumbnail.getHeight() > destinationSize.height) 
    thumbnail = Scalr.crop(thumbnail, 0, (thumbnail.getHeight() - destinationSize.height) / 2, destinationSize.width, destinationSize.height);

It is not ideal, but at least it handles 'wide' images after generation of thumbnails

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