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I am testing out a client-server app in ruby

This is the server

require "socket"
server = TCPServer.open(2626)
loop do
    Thread.fork(server.accept) do |client| 
        client.puts("Hello, I'm Ruby TCP server", "I'm disconnecting, bye :*")

and this is the client

require "socket"
s = TCPSocket.open("localhost", 2626)
while line = s.gets
    puts "received : #{line.chop}"

However,i want to run some code once the client has connected to the server successfuly and also to run some code on the server side when a client has connected successfully.For that,i think i will need

clientConnectionToServerSuccessfully method and also clientHasConnected on the server side.Is there a framework for client-server that already has similar methods?.

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