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So, I want to develop de following UI, I developed using a RelativeLayout and then I put it the buttons using margins...

I have realised that this isn't a good way, if you need to develop this UI how you will do it? or what widgets you will use to develop this.

The UI, it's on iphone, but I want to be the same in android

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You should look into writing a custom view (extends View, overrides onDraw());

Or you should definitely make your assets into 9-patches. This will give the graphics "stretchable" logic.

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I really don't know about Android, and haven't had any probes with screen sizes, but this code might help you

 <supports-screens android:resizeable=["true"| "false"]
          android:smallScreens=["true" | "false"]
          android:normalScreens=["true" | "false"]
          android:largeScreens=["true" | "false"]
          android:xlargeScreens=["true" | "false"]
          android:anyDensity=["true" | "false"]

I found it out here, check it out for more information.

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I think that this only blocks the use of the application in the phones that no had the requisits that you put in the Manifest. –  Gabriel Esteban Jul 21 '13 at 15:28

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