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Im new in bash scripting. I want to save sql-query outputs in variable, but

actually I must connect for every query to mysql with:

mysql -u $MYUSER -p$MYPASS -D database

and want to save every output in seperatly variable

sample query is: SELECT domain FROM domains WHERE user='$USER'


$variable1 = FIRST_OUTPUT
$variable2 = 2ND_OUTPUT

thank you

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Taken from bash script - select from database into variable, you can read the query result into a variable.


mysql> SELECT * FROM domains;
| user  | domain  |
| user1 | domain1 |
| user2 | domain2 |
| user3 | domain3 |


$ myvar=$(mysql -D$MYDB -u$MYUSER -p$MYPASS -se "SELECT domain FROM domains")
$ echo $myvar
domain1 domain2 domain3

echo is the bash command for output. You can then split $myvar into separate variables:

$ read var1 var2 var3 <<< $myvar
$ echo $var1
$ echo $var2

You can combine these two commands into a single one:

read var1 var2 var3 <<< $(mysql -D$MYDB -u$MYUSER -p$MYPASS -se "SELECT domain FROM domains")

It is possible to store the results into arrays (useful if you don't know how many records there):

$ read -ra vars <<< $(mysql -D$MYDB -u$MYUSER -p$MYPASS -se "SELECT domain FROM domains")
$ for i in "${vars[@]}"; do
$     echo $i
$ done
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