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I'm learning Rails reading the Michael Hartl's web book (awesome source by the way), and he says that the "create" method of a User Model's controller creates a user and the "new" method MAKES a user.

Alright... in the context of basic a User Model, and Rails in general, what really is the difference between "create" and "make"?

Thanks in advance for any feedback!

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Using the create method makes a user with the given parameter and saves it directly into the database, while using new makes a new user in memory that can be modified but has to be manually saved into the database by calling

Example try this in the rails console

User.create(name: "User 1", email: "")

now type User.all and you'd find the user you created in the database.

Now try

a = User 2", email: "")

now typing User.all won't show this new user. You have to do for it to be saved into the database.

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Perfect Althaf, many many thanks! – Gracko Jul 21 '13 at 16:44

Just think of it as memory vs hard drive. adds a new user record to memory (but does not save it to the database), while User.create() saves the record to the database.

You can do user =;; and that would be equivalent to User.create()

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