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I am having a lot of difficulty constructing an XPath query to return the kinds of URL's that I need. The XPath query below works for most cases however, I have been trying to tweak it so it only returns the URL where the actual page name contains 'about' and not the URL's where about is found in the directory name.

Current output (Bad):


Desired Output:




NOTE: Because I am using a PHP XPath engine I can only utilize an XPath 1.0 solution.

I appreciate any suggestions!

Many thanks in advance!

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XPath 1.0's string manipulation capabilities are very limited, you can only do this based on some assumptions.

Eg., if all URLs end with .asp, search for something like /about.asp, or a more general /about.. A very dirty hack would be to cut off everything starting at the first ?, only use the last few characters (to allow suffixes of different length like .xhtml or .pl) and search in there:

    substring(substring-before(., '?'), string-length(substring-before(., '?')) - 10),
  ) or (
    not(contains(., '?')) and
    contains(substring(., string-length(.) - 10), 'about')

And this still should still be extended for hashes # in place of ? to fetch most cases, but there still will be enough it will fail at.

I would highly recommend to use some regular expression from PHP which will be much more robust and convenient. Or use an external XPath 2.0/XQuery processor like Saxon, BaseX, ...

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The obvious solution:

//a[contains(@href, '/about.asp')]

But assuming you don't want to do that, I don't think it's possible to do what you need. The closest I got:

//a[contains(@href, 'about') and not(contains(substring-after(@href, 'about'), '/'))]

Explanation: "Select any <a> element that, in its @href attribute, does contain 'about' and does not contain any '/' after 'about'."

The problem is, that while it matches https://www.domain.com/account/about.asp and it (correctly) does not match https://www.domain.com/about/account.asp, it also does not match https://www.domain.com/about/about.asp, because there's an "about" substring succeeded by a '/'.

The best you can do, I think, is to simply select //a[contains(@href, 'about')] and then use your PHP to filter the results as needed.

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