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Station waits in order to sense if the channel is idle DIFS and then starts transmission. My question is why wait DIFS and not SIFS only. What problems, issues it may cause (sense for SIFS instead of DIFS)?

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The time used in sensing the channel by a station and then sends RTS, to the other station.This overall time is called DIFS(DCF, Interframe Space). The station first time sense the see the station is not used by the other stations and then sends RTS(Request To Send). If the chanel is idle then, channel wakes up from power saving mode to accept the RTS from a station so some time also spent in this process.

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thanks, but from the answer it is still unclear why wait DIFS, when the station may wait less - SIFS and then start transmission. –  user2176346 Jan 29 '14 at 18:55

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