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How do you easily split a large PDF into two (or more) separate PDFs?

Say we have foo-bar.pdf, section foo is from page 1-12 and section bar is from page 13 till the end. I want foo-bar.pdf split into foo.pdf and bar.pdf.

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You can use pdftk, it's a handy tool for manipulating PDF documents.

sudo apt-get --yes install pdftk
pdftk foo-bar.pdf cat 1-12 output foo.pdf
pdftk foo-bar.pdf cat 13-end output bar.pdf

You can also use this method to split a PDF in N ways, or to remove pages.

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Never thought, it would be this much easy. thanks :D –  Ravi Dhoriya ツ Feb 24 '14 at 7:45

This can be done with cpdf:

cpdf in.pdf 1-12 -o out.pdf

cpdf in.pdf 13-end -o out.pdf

Or, to split into 12-page-sized chunks:

cpdf in.pdf -split -chunk 12 -o out%%%.pdf
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