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I have a div that I need shown if a user answers yes (clicks "True" radio) to any of 4 questions. But if they answer false to all, then hide the div. What I've been having trouble with is if a user changes his/her mind and goes back and chooses the other option on any question. I've written this CoffeeScript method to handle it:

$ ->
  numberFalse = 0
  numberTrue = 0
  hideIfAllNo = ->
    $('.legal-information').find('input[type=radio]').each ->
      if $(this).is(':checked') and $(this).val() is 'false'
        if numberFalse >= 4 then return else numberFalse += 1
        if numberTrue >= 1 then numberTrue -= 1 else numberTrue = 0
      else if $(this).is(':checked') and $(this).val() is 'true'
        if numberTrue >= 4 then return else numberTrue += 1
        if numberFalse >= 1 then numberFalse -= 1 else numberFalse = 0
    if numberFalse is 4
    if numberTrue >= 1

  $('.legal-information input[type=radio]').on 'change', ->

The issue here (other than some potentially questionable style choices; feel free to weigh in on those, too) is that a user can increment numberFalse or numberTrue by clicking back and forth on the same 2 radio buttons for a single question. At that point, or if they go back and make different selections on multiple questions, the counts get messed up. I had considered appending elements to an array and counting the array length, but that quickly got messy. How should I handle a user changing his/her mind?


I've tried to store the true and false values in attributes on an object, but calling $('.legal-information').find('input[type=radio]:checked').attr('value','true'); just sets value to true. Is there a way to just get an array of the true attrs?

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Does these local variables holding amount of true and false radios used elsewhere? If no, you can skip this sum and just show this div on any true checked like this:

$ ->
  $('.legal-information input[type=radio]').on 'change', ->
    if $('.legal-information input[type=radio][value=true]:checked').length  > 0
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Yep! It was the [value=true] I was missing. Didn't know you could do that. Thanks! –  nickcoxdotme Jul 21 '13 at 22:17

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