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I've some problems with publishing my Dynamic Web application in Tomcat, on my VPS server.

I developed an application which contains Servlet( creating Entity Manager and doing operations on the database), and jar files - also Entity components are packed in jar file. Application uses eclipselink and postgresql.

On Tomcat 7 Server installed witch eclipse, everything works fine, but when I try to deploy it to Tomcat 7 Server on my VPS I'm getting an exception:

javax.servlet.ServletException: Error instantiating servlet class pl.marekbury.controller.StoreServer

and the root cause

javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: Name [pl.marekbury.controller.StoreServer/PERSISTENCE_UNIT_NAME] is not bound in this Context. Unable to find [pl.marekbury.controller.StoreServer].

I had also the same error on my localhost eclipse-integrated server, but i found a solution (somwere here, on stack) to chcange eclipselink version, after I did id, error's gone.

I'm deploying app in these way: - export war from eclispe - deploy it trough tomcat web manager

I tried: - Change server to Tomee - Place all jar libs in WEB-INF/lib

Structure of application folder after deploying to tomcat:

      |   |---index.jsp
      |          |---MANIFEST.MF
      |          |---web.xml
      |          |---lib
      |          |      |---all jar files(entities,servlet-api itd..)
      |          |
      |          |---classes
      |          |      |---META-INF(remain after making jar with entities)
      |          |      |---pl
      |          |      |     |---marekbury
      |          |      |     |        |---controller
      |          |      |     |        |       |---StoreServer.class
      |          |      |     |        |---model
      |          |      |     |        |       |---entities
      |          |      |     |        |       |       |---User.class (remain after making jar with entities)

index.jsp makes http request to servlet StoreServer

Any ideas how to make it run properly?

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I have found solution. Error was caused by different Java versions on vps(oracle 1.7) and my computer(openJDK 1.7). I have made .WAR on VPS and everything works fine.

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