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I have a normal SlickGrid-based grid view to display a large amount of data and header filters to dynamically sort the results - and this works great.

Now I'd like give my users 2 optional view methods to display that same data - the first one is the normal grid-like dataview and the other is a more visual image-base thumbnail view (like Google Images for example). So something like this:

enter image description here

Filters in the header should/would remain and work the same between the two views. I've solved the first one, but how would I best accomplish the second one with image thumbnails?

I had high hopes for this SlickGrid example but it seems to work only on a 1-item-per-row basis. Has anyone adapted it to support this?

Is there possibly an another non-SlickGrid based solution that solves this particular problem really well. This would probably mean having to support two separate filtes but what can you do... any help and/or tips are much appreciated!

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