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I have a controller who gets me a list of objects

    def historyInstance = History.findAllByPatient(patientInstance)
    def total = historyInstance.size()
    [historyInstanceTotal: total,historyInstanceList: historyInstance]

I'm not in historyController but I want to paginate this on the view for 3 objects max per page

    <g:paginate total="${historyInstanceTotal}" />

but it seemed that I need params, but I can't use it becuase the result is wrong any idea how can I solve this problem?


maybe the <g:paginate> does not know what to paginate, how can I link these two(<g:paginate> and historyInstanceList) in order to paginate properly, I think of this watching generate-all and how grails does it.

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g:paginate does have a max attribute which can be used.

max (optional) - The number of records to display per page (defaults to 10). Used ONLY if params.max is empty

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the number of pages shown in the bottom are correct, however I got the whole set in the page and the number in the bottom take me nowhere. –  ocespedes Jul 23 '13 at 16:58

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