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Does anyone know how to save the content in the TinyMCE editor into flat files (.txt) using HTML & Javascript in Google Chrome?

The content in the TinyMCE editor is retrieved from a flat file called hi.txt and once it's edited, it needs to be saved back inside hi.txt.

I embedded the TinyMCE editor into a webpage and this webpage is hosted via Dropbox.

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Not possible. Browsers don't have access to the local filesystem. What you can do is submit the contents of the editor to your server, and have the server send you back the file as a new hi.txt as a download.

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+1 that is the way i would do it too –  Thariama Jul 22 '13 at 9:42

Ahhh, I reread the question. It's not possible with only HTML & Javascript.

So, no.

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