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I am trying to export data in R to a csv file, and as much simple as I try to do it, I always get the same error message. Example:

I create a simple data vector to export

 x <- c(1,3,4,3,5,7,5,8,2,5,7)

I try to export with:


And I get an error:

error in file(file ifelse (append a w )) cannot open the connection
In addition: Warning message: In file(file, ifelse(append, "a", "w")) :
cannot open  file 'whatever.csv': Permission denied

How can I solve this?Thanks a lot.

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I do not get an error when I run your code. Seems like a possible permissions issue. –  zkurtz Jul 22 '13 at 2:21
A common cause of this kind of error, especially on Windows, can be having the file open in another program like Excel while you try to write to it. –  Marius Jul 22 '13 at 2:50

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First part is to check the working directory and ensure that you have write access to that directory. You can check this with getwd(). I can reproduce your error by trying to write to a directory which is read only.

To set the working directory to something else with read access you can type setwd("H:/foo"). Once you have write access the write.csv(x,file='whatever.csv') should work.

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