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I am trying to use on a dynamically added content and I'm not sure what I'm missing. I have two buttons one creates UL inside DIV. Then I click on another button to create LI inside the UL. On click on any of the LI i should get an alert message but nothing is happening!

<div id='ok'></div>
<button id='fst'>create ul</button>
<button id='snd'>create li</button>

    $("#ok").html("<ul class='ul'></ul>");
    $(".ul").html("<li class='myclass'>one</li><li class='myclass'>two</li>");

$("ul").on('click', 'li.myclass', function(){ alert('ok'); });`

any suggestion?

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ul itself is created dynamically, that means it doesn't even exist when you tried to call on on it. – satoru Jul 22 '13 at 2:30

You should bind on with #ok div. Like this:

$("#ok").on('click', 'li.myclass', function(){ alert('ok'); });

Your ul is dynamically created as well so it will not work. on should be bound to elements that are already on the page when it loads.

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Use like this

$(document).on('click', 'ul li.myclass', function(){ 

Or even better ( opinion )

    $("#ok").html("<ul class='ul'></ul>");

var li = $("<li class='myclass'>one</li><li class='myclass'>two</li>");

li.on('click', function() {

For overall better code write all of like similar to this

        $('<ul>', {'class': 'ul'})

var li = $('<li>', {
    'class': 'myClass', 
    click: function() {


I use append because it's quicker, than innerHTML

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Since you're dynamically creating the element, you need to bind the click event to the new element right after you created it, otherwise it won't work.

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