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I have a list of user's ssh and database login details stored in a MySQL database table. I am using PHP version of JqGrid and was wondering if there is a way to mask the passwords of ssh and db with "asterisk" while leaving the rest as plain text. I was also wondering if the ssh and db passwords could be stored in the database using AES encryption using mcrypt or other methods such as: php-aes-encrypt-decrypt.

Any help or ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.

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I had previously implemented JqGrid PHP in a similar situation. Here is the PHP code for both Password Masking and AES Encrypt/Decrypt using MySQL's AES_ENCRYPT and AES_DECRYPT functions. Note that you will need to set the ssh_password and db_password columns' type as varbinary for this. Also note that I included a config.php file where the AES key along with other DB logins are stored. Example:

define("DB_AESKEY", "126cfbe1fd5413ba4d604c50a74bfc80471cec367b1604ade4d081f31c3f4f34"); //sha256 for "stackoverflow"

The SHA256 Key can be generated using sites such as: sha-hash-calculator. Hope it solves your problem.

// NOTE: In config.php file, the AES key is contained along with other DB logins. SHA256 Key generated via: http://www.xorbin.com/tools/sha256-hash-calculator 
// define("DB_AESKEY", "126cfbe1fd5413ba4d604c50a74bfc80471cec367b1604ade4d081f31c3f4f34"); //sha256 for "stackoverflow"

// ---
// Put the JqGrid initializing code here...
// ---

// Initialize the SQL Query
$grid->SelectCommand = "SELECT id, 
                        AES_DECRYPT(ssh_password, '" . DB_AESKEY . "') AS ssh_pwd,  
                        AES_DECRYPT(db_password, '" . DB_AESKEY . "') AS db_pwd, 
                        FROM master_table"; 

// ---
// Put the usual JqGrid code such as addCol, setGridOptions, etc here....
// ---

$grid->setColProperty("ssh_address", array("label"=>"Address", "width"=>80, "editable" => true));
$grid->setColProperty("ssh_port", array("label"=>"Port", "width"=>25, "editable" => true));
$grid->setColProperty("ssh_user", array("label"=>"User Name", "width"=>60, "editable" => true));
$grid->setColProperty("ssh_pwd", array("label"=>"Password", "width"=>60, "editable" => true, "formatter"=>"js:format_pwd", "unformat"=>"js:unformat_pwd"));     //Formatter and Unformatter for Password Masking
$grid->setColProperty("db_user", array("label"=>"DB Username", "width"=>60, "editable" => true));
$grid->setColProperty("db_pwd", array("label"=>"DB Password", "width"=>60, "editable" => true, "formatter"=>"js:format_pwd", "unformat"=>"js:unformat_pwd"));   //Formatter and Unformatter for Password Masking
$grid->navigator = true;
$grid->setNavOptions('navigator', array("excel"=>false,"add"=>false,"edit"=>false,"del"=>false,"view"=>false));
$grid->setNavOptions('navigator', array("add"=>true, "del"=>true, "edit"=>true));
$grid->setNavOptions('edit',array("closeAfterEdit"=>true,"reloadAfterSubmit"=>true, "editCaption"=>"Update Servers","bSubmit"=>"Update","dataheight"=>"auto", "width"=>"400"));

$grid->setAfterCrudAction( 'edit', "UPDATE master_table SET " . 
                                    "ssh_password=AES_ENCRYPT('" . jqGridUtils::GetParam('ssh_pwd') . "', '" . DB_AESKEY . "'), " . 
                                    "db_password=AES_ENCRYPT('" . jqGridUtils::GetParam('db_pwd') . "', '" . DB_AESKEY . "') " . 
                                    "WHERE id=" . jqGridUtils::GetParam('id') );
$grid->setAfterCrudAction( 'add', "UPDATE master_table SET " . 
                                    "ssh_password=AES_ENCRYPT('" . jqGridUtils::GetParam('ssh_pwd') . "', '" . DB_AESKEY . "'), " . 
                                    "db_password=AES_ENCRYPT('" . jqGridUtils::GetParam('db_pwd') . "', '" . DB_AESKEY . "') " . 
                                    "WHERE id=" . jqGridUtils::GetParam('id') );

// ------ PASSWORD MASKING FORMATTERS AND UNFORMATTERS -----                                    
$custom = <<<CUSTOM
function format_pwd(cellValue, options, rowObject) {
    var cellHtml = "<a pwd='" + cellValue + "'>" + Array(cellValue.length + 1).join("*") + "</a>";  
    return cellHtml;
function unformat_pwd(cellValue, options, cellObject) {
    return $('a', cellObject).attr('pwd');

$grid->renderGrid('#gridServer','#pagerServer', true, null, null, true, true);
$conn = null;
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Thank you for the detailed code. It's everything I need and even more. –  Larry Brooks Jul 22 '13 at 3:15
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You can use the "formatter" and "unformat" options of $grid->setColProperty(). Then define the a custom javascript format and unformat functions to convert plaintext to astrisks and astrisks back to plaintext respectively. Since you will be using JqGrid, which queries the db, you may use MySQL's AES functions for implementing AES encryption/decryption. Next time, please provide some code to make answering your questions easier.

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