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I have the following:

    public HttpResponseMessage DeleteFolder(int[] ids)

and I'm trying to use this:

DELETE http://localhost:24144/api/folder/1483;
DELETE http://localhost:24144/api/folder/[1483]

but these are coming up as null within the delete method - how do I send the data without putting it in the body (since this is a DELETE request)?

My routing has this:

           name: "Folder",
           routeTemplate: "api/folder/{id}",
           defaults: new { controller = "Folder", id = RouteParameter.Optional }
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if you are looking to have Uri like api/folder/[1,2,3], the same parameter binding example mentioned in the below post's answer can be used here too :

Attribute Routing in WebAPI

Note: You would need to change the following line to look for 'id' route variable rather than 'ids' as your route template here is 'api/folder/{id}'.

string idsAsString = actionContext.Request.GetRouteData().Values["id"].ToString();
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Nevermind, I found this:


Couldn't find an answer on SO though so I'll leave it here.

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