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I am transitioning from Google Docs to Excel and running int oproblems with equilivent function: specifically the Google Docs: Query()

From googleing around I know that there is no Query in Excel and I have started to make a VBA function to do the same thing but running into trouble

The original Google Docs query =QUERY('GP Referrals 2012-2013'!A15:Z ; "SELECT A, Z WHERE J = 'WH' ORDER BY Z DESC LIMIT 9", 0)

A is a string, Z is a number and J is one of three possible strings. I run this three times with different values in J.

Is there way to do this in Excel. I have a second sheet setup to get put the results of this in.

I have a function started but I am a but stuck as to how to get to the next step. Any help is a appreciated.

Function getTopGPs(clinic As String) As Integer
    Dim activeSheet As Object
    Set activeSheet = Worksheets(1)

    Dim rawRange As Object
    Set rawRange = activeSheet.Range("A15:Z65536")

    // How can I go from here?

End Function

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Check out the data connection capability via From Other Sources->From Microsoft Query on the Data tab of the ribbon. The idea is to do a query on a named table in the worksheet by creation a data connection with the worksheet. You can get an idea of the VBA needed by recording the manual steps with the macro recorder. – chuff Jul 22 '13 at 4:33
PS: See an explanation of manually using the query tool here. – chuff Jul 22 '13 at 4:39

Based on @chuff's approach, give your data array labels (I chose A>Z from A14:Z14) and name the array (A14:Zn) - I chose GParry.

DATA > Get External Data - From Other Sources, From Microsoft Query, Databases, Excel Files*, OK. Select your workbook name, OK, Table: GParry, Add, Close.

In the list under GParry, double-click on A, J and Z in turn, then click on the SQL button. In SQL statement: change SELECT to SELECT TOP 9 and append:

WHERE J = 'WH'  


If you want the results back into Excel just select the extract (top left), Edit, Copy and Paste where it suits you.

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