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When I type the URL above in the browser, it redirects me to a new URL: http://www.mcmaster.ca/vpacademic/faculties.html

Is there any method that I can use to obtain the redirect URL given the first one?

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To do this programatically it will be a little difficult since the original URL redirects to the second URL via a client side redirect (with JavaScript) and not with a server side one (with a 301 or 302 and a Location header).

This particular site is using this JavaScript code to redirect:

<script type="text/javascript">

You could use what is called a headless browser (such as PhantomJS) to programatically load the first URL and execute the JavaScript to end up at the second URL.

This answer provides some more details about headless browsers: http://stackoverflow.com/a/20231244/1547546.

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You can use this in your code in order to track and log referrer URLs :

String referrer = request.getHeader("referer");

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