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I'm trying to use regex in Python to match acronyms separated by periods. I have the following code:

import re
test_string = "U.S.A."
pattern = r'([A-Z]\.)+'
print re.findall(pattern, test_string)

The result of this is:


I'm confused as to why this is the result. I know + is greedy, but why is are the first occurrences of [A-Z]\. ignored?

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The (...) in regex creates a group. I suggest changing to:

pattern = r'(?:[A-Z]\.)+'
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Thanks, that worked. I looked more into 'groups' with Python's regex. It makes sense now. –  jmulmer Jul 22 '13 at 4:22


This regex will:

  • capture all the acronyms like U.S.A. in a sentence
  • avoids matching uppercase words at the end of a sentence


enter image description here


Live Example: http://www.rubular.com/r/9bslFxvfzQ

Sample Text

This is the U.S.A. we have RADAR.


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