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During reading book ( Linux kernel development by Robert Love ) page no:119 I got "The interrupt handler is normally marked static because it is never called directly from another file."


static irqreturn_t intr_handler(int irq, void *dev)

but why it is so,I am doubt as this function is going to call by kernel and if we make it static then how kernel is going to call this.

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According to this, the way the function is used is by "registering" it with the kernel. That is, there's a function such as InstallIntHdlr which you call and pass a pointer to your handler. The kernel can then use that pointer to call the function itself.

My guess, though I'm not sure about this, is that static is used as a way of enforcing the proper usage of an interrupt handler. That is, since static functions can't be called from other files, it forces you to pass a pointer to it instead of calling it directly.

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Thanks for the reply.I got some hints –  pradipta Jul 22 '13 at 6:42

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