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Why in a project should I include some *.lib, .h or some other files? And what are these things used for?

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  • .h: header file, its a source file containing declarations (as opposed to .cpp, .cxx, etc. containing implementations),

  • .lib: static library may contain code or just links to a dynamic library. Either way it's compiled code that you link with your program. The static library is included in your .exe at link time.

  • .dll: dynamic library. Just like a static one but you need to deploy it with your .exe file because it's loaded at run time.

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  • H Declares the interface to a library - including functions, structures, and constants. Written in the C language.
  • LIB Either declares the binary interface to a dynamic library (DLL) or contains the binary code of a library.
  • DLL A dynamic library - your application shares these with the system or you use them to keep your code base organized.
  • DEF A textual description of functions exported by a DLL.
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*.dlb is similar to static library.

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