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I keep getting a

Specified 'sqlite3' for database adapter, but the gem is not loaded. Add `gem 'sqlite3'` to your Gemfile.

Here's my Gemfile:

source ''
ruby '2.0.0'

# Bundle edge Rails instead: gem 'rails', github: 'rails/rails'
gem 'rails', '4.0.0'
gem 'thin'
# gem 'sqlite3'
gem 'mongoid', git: ''
gem 'sass-rails', '~> 4.0.0'
gem 'uglifier', '>= 1.3.0'
gem 'coffee-rails', '~> 4.0.0'
gem 'jquery-rails'
gem 'turbolinks'
gem 'jbuilder', '~> 1.2'

group :doc do
  gem 'sdoc', require: false

Where else do you specify an adapter? As you can see sqlite3 is excluded from the gemfile. Server restart didn't seem to do the trick.

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Please check your database.yml – vee Jul 22 '13 at 6:46

Please check your database.yml file . you might have specified the adapter as sqlite.

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That was it! thanks. – dsp_099 Jul 22 '13 at 6:51
Actually, mongoid generates a mongoid.yml, can that be substituted directly for database.yml – dsp_099 Jul 22 '13 at 7:07
Please see if this helps the page talks about how you remove ActiveRecord from Rails 3 – GiridharBandi Jul 22 '13 at 12:47

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