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Why some constants are under the public modifier while some other private? Are those under public can be called from applications that use the library? If so, how to call the constant from an app, is it like this: CertainLibraryClass.ActivityResultCode.CODE_A?


public class CertainLibraryClass {
    public class ActivityResultCode {
    public static final int CODE_A = 0X02;
    public static final int CODE_B = 0X03;
    public static final int CODE_C = 0X04;
    public class VersionCode {
        private static final int VERSION_MAJOR = 1;
        private static final int VERSION_MINOR1 = 0;
        private static final int VERSION_MINOR2 = 2;
// ....
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Why don't you just try it and answer your own question? – Simon Jul 22 '13 at 7:02
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Why some constants are under the public modifier?

Ans: So that all other classes can access it e.g.RESULT_OK,SUCCESS.

Why some constants are under the private modifier?

Ans:So that only that class can access it

e.g. consider you are calling getId() libarary function from your class

public class CertainLibraryClass {
private static int ID=0;

public static int getId()
return ID+1;

here you are not accessing ID field directly ,instead you are calling getId() function which ultimately returns the id, it means that ID variable is internally used by CertainLibraryClass class

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