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I am running the trigger.io's weather app example on Android (https://trigger.io/docs/current/getting_started/tutorial/index.html)

I register an API key from wunderground.com and updated the code with the API key

However when I try to run the android via Trigger, I see this error (Forge Java Error) in the console when the app is trying to retrieve the weather info

enter image description here

I tried running the weather API in the browser and it worked.


Anyone has encountered this error before? How do I resolve this?

Attached is the code snippet of the weather app as reference


function populateWeatherConditions (weather) {
  var tmpl, output;


  forge.logging.log("[populateWeatherConditions] beginning populating weather conditions");

  tmpl = $("#forecast_information_tmpl").html();
  output = Mustache.to_html(tmpl, weather.current_observation);
  forge.logging.log("[populateWeatherConditions] finished populating forecast information");

  tmpl = $("#current_conditions_tmpl").html();
  output = Mustache.to_html(tmpl, weather.current_observation);
  forge.logging.log("[populateWeatherConditions] finished populating current conditions");

  tmpl = $("#forecast_conditions_tmpl").html();
  output = Mustache.to_html(tmpl, weather.forecast.simpleforecast);
  $("#forecast_conditions table tr").append(output);
  forge.logging.log("[populateWeatherConditions] finished populating forecast conditions");

  forge.logging.log("[populateWeatherConditions] finished populating weather conditions");

function getWeatherInfo(location, callback) {
  var api_key = "e6d13c4759359884";
  forge.logging.info("[getWeatherInfo] getting weather for for " + location);
    url: "http://api.wunderground.com/api/" + api_key +
            "/conditions/forecast/q/" + location + ".json",
    dataType: "json",
      success: function (data) {
        forge.logging.info("[getWeatherInfo] success");
      error: function (error) {
        forge.logging.error("[getWeatherInfo] " + JSON.stringify(error));

function emptyContent() {
  forge.logging.log("[emptyContent] removing old data");
  $("#forecast_conditions table tr").empty();

  forge.logging.log("[emptyContent] finished emptying content");

$(function () {
  var cities = [ 
    { name: "London", code: "UK/London" },
    { name: "San Francisco", code: "CA/San_Francisco" },
    { name: "Cape Town", code: "ZA/Cape_Town" },
    { name: "Barcelona", code: "ES/Barcelona" },
    { name: "Boston", code: "NY/Boston" },
    { name: "New York", code: "NY/New_York" },
    { name: "Washington DC", code: "DC/Washington" },
    { name: "Tampa", code: "FL/Tampa" },
    { name: "Houston", code: "AL/Houston" },
    { name: "Montreal", code: "CYUL" },
    { name: "Los Angeles", code: "CA/Los_Angeles" },
    { name: "Miami", code: "FL/Miami" },
    { name: "West Palm Beach", code: "FL/West_Palm_Beach" } 
  cities.forEach(function(city) {   
    $("#city_menu").append("<option value='" + city.code + "'>" + city.name + "</option>");
    $("#city_menu").change(function() {
      var city = $("#city_menu option:selected").val();
      forge.prefs.set("city", city);
      getWeatherInfo(city, populateWeatherConditions);
    forge.prefs.get("city", function(resource) {
       if (resource) { // user has previously selected a city
         var city = resource;
       } else { // no previous selection
         var city = "CA/San_Francisco";
    }, function (error) {
        forge.logging.error("failed when retrieving city preferences");
        $("#city_menu").val("CA/San_Francisco"); // default;
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Can you post more of the error traceback, preferably in text form? –  James Brady Jul 23 '13 at 10:19

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