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I'm trying to find these constants in Xamarin.iOS currently - but can't find them.

enum {
   NSLayoutPriorityRequired = 1000,
   NSLayoutPriorityDefaultHigh = 750,
   NSLayoutPriorityDragThatCanResizeWindow = 510,
   NSLayoutPriorityWindowSizeStayPut = 500,
   NSLayoutPriorityDragThatCannotResizeWindow = 490,
   NSLayoutPriorityDefaultLow = 250,
   NSLayoutPriorityFittingSizeCompression = 50,
typedef float NSLayoutPriority;

Which C# object are they provided in?

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there for MonoMac: macapi.xamarin.com/?link=T:MonoMac.AppKit.NSLayoutPriority, but it looks like they aren't exposed in xamarin.ios :/ – Stephane Delcroix Jul 22 '13 at 10:39
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That's because it's named UILayoutPriority in iOS. From the NSLayoutConstraint.h file of the iOS 6.1 SDK:

@property UILayoutPriority priority;

UILayoutPriority is an enum inside MonoTouch.UIKit namespace.

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Thanks - everything else was NS-based in iOS - so didn't think of looking there :) – Stuart Jul 22 '13 at 13:29

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