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I used the samples to add simple authentication to my app. with the annotation of:

public static Result processShlangCommand()

And the class ShlangAuthenticator is based on the sample:

public class ShlangAuthenticator extends Security.Authenticator {

public String getUsername(Context ctx)
    String s = ctx.session().get("email"); 
    System.err.println("getUsernameCalled: " + s);
    return s;

public Result onUnauthorized(Context ctx)

    System.err.println("onUnauthorized called");
    return redirect("http://localhost/#/login");



The problem I am getting is that every call to the Action (processShlangCommand() ) is being called twice by play (Play 2.1.1), I printed the stack trace and it seems to be identical. Any help on this would be appreciated.

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Perhaps it's because you're using System.err to log, instead of the default logger in play? Regardless, for authentication, I'm using this module: https://github.com/joscha/play-authenticate

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Thanks, indeed removing the System.err.println solved the problem. I am not sure I understand why though, and I always want to understand the why (and how) things work. –  zmashiah Jul 23 '13 at 7:46

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