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I've recently installed https://addons.heroku.com/scheduler in my heroku app, but I just cannot make any instruction get to work.

I think I don't know the correct syntax, for now I've tried with heroku pgbackups:capture --expire --app running-app command and selected frequency 10 mins.

It's been more than an hour and still hasn't done anything.

How can I get this to work?


EDIT: This command is an example command, nor that I want to use that one specifically

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You should be using the pgbackups addon, https://addons.heroku.com/pgbackups which is scheduled for you based on the level you pick.

Heroku Scheduler is more for if you need to run a rack task within your application codebase.


You would write a rake task (assuming your using Rails?) which you could run locally using rake taskname and to schedule it on Heroku you would enter rake taskname as the command in the scheduler page for them to execute it.

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Post edited, sorry for the misunderstanding –  Sascuash Jul 22 '13 at 9:05

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