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I need to read the contents of the file by using the url of the file and without having the local copy.

eg Url :

We need to run another script based on values in the above url. We are running the script in client side, so we don't know the Repository Path here in order use "svnlook cat" command.

Thanks in advance.

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svn cat URL@HEAD - in your case:

Should do the job - assuming standard svn project layout.

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svn cat URL@REV in common case

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If you're looking at the most recent copy of the file:

$ svn cat > ReadMe.txt

This will print out the file onto your terminal and redirect it to a file called ReadMe.txt.

If you need a different revision of that file, you can use the -r parameter:

$ svn cat -r2323 > ReadMe.txt

If that file has moved, you may need to add the @to pin the repository view. The @ basically says _The way the repository was laid out at this revision. For example, you need revision 1234, but that revision was at, you will need to do this:

$ svn cat -r1234

If users need to do this alot, you should look into ViewVC or Sventon. These are browser based repository browsers. I like Sventon. I find it pretty easy to setup, and you can download zipped up versions of file. It's also pretty fast, and you don't need Sventon on the same system as your repository.

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