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I am searching for an application, that allows me to proxy requests to websites but doing it transparently (i.e. the user uses an url like http://www.myproxy.com?goto=www.google.com). I need support for SSL (from Proxy to Server), Session/Cookie management and (to a certain extend) JavaScript. i.e. the Proxy must rewrite URLs/Links in the HTML Documents to always point back to itself ( -->

Further it must be open source or at least very customizable, as I'd like to inject some HTML to inform the user that he is (still) behind the proxy. A plus would be, to be able to track what links the user clicks (but I can write that on my own, if I can at least inject some code at all).

I do not really care about programming language, but a C# or Java implementation would suit me best. Still if you know a good PHP proxy or anything else really that fulfills my requirements -> I am pleased to hear about!

My goal is to use this approach for remote usability testing of websites that I do not own (for research purposes).

If you've ever heard of WebQuilt --> It does basically what I'd like to archive, but is very outdated and has some bugs with current cookies implementation. If nothing can be found, I might have to refactor WebQuilt.

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By now I found some solutions: JAVA: dub.washington.edu:2007/projects/webquilt PHP: PHProxy, Glype But I heard that .NET offers some good libraries to build an own implementation that fits my requirements better than the existing programs... –  Alex Jul 23 '13 at 10:53
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