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I use a small snippet to grab the innertext of <title> to get the title of a website, which works pretty well. But there is a problem with umlauts and other html characters. First I tried using htmlentities(), but since there are various ways how websites embed umlauts, it's getting pretty complicated.

E.g. in modern browsers it's ok to write them as plaintext in the source code lik ä ö ü, but I want to use them as html entities &auml; &ouml; &uuml; to support older browser as well.

So, the real problem is, when both is mixed like this title here (source code) Pläne: Alkoholverbot für 18-Jährige? &gt; Online Zeitung.

When I try to use htmlentities() the result is Pl&auml;ne: Alkoholverbot f&uuml;r 18-J&auml;hrige? &amp;gt; Online Zeitung. Everything is transformed fine, except ">" which becomes &amp;gt;.

Do I have to use a str_replace() method or is there any other best practice to deal with mixed html entities?


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"to support older browser as well" — those entities have been in HTML since 1997. Why do you want to support browsers that old? Nobody uses them. –  Quentin Jul 22 '13 at 10:29

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First decode all entities to their Unicode representation with html_entity_decode(), then pass the string to htmlentities() to re-encode all of them again.

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Thx, that did the job :D –  user1351482 Jul 22 '13 at 10:55

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