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I am developing a application in django in which i want to set a google map which should show the marker depends on address in database.

I want to know how to do this in javascript and django.


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You have to read more about Google Maps API:

In Django, all you have to do is just get this address as a string from DB (in view) and pass it to template.

In javascript you are making variable: var address = "{{ address_from_view }}"; and everything else you do using only plain javascript & Google API.

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I am saving the address field via models form,address contains 4 fields,i can query and get the value from database.But how to convert it to string.I need to convert the 4 field's data into a string.If i convert the address into string and render into template,is i need to save the data from database to json format,Thanks – Royal Jul 22 '13 at 12:43

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