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In a sql table double floating number like

145.00000000, 2.00000000, 23.12000000, 12.02400000, 0.026, 0.5402,

how i can do these numbers without decimal 0 like with php

145, 2, 23.12, 12.024, 0.026, 0.5402,

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You can format the number either in SQL or in PHP, but you don't need both. So if you would search a solution for either, you're much more likely to find it. –  GolezTrol Jul 22 '13 at 11:02

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Just cast to float in PHP and it will strip the trailing zeros:

$float = '145.00000000';
echo (float)$float; // 145

$float = '23.12000000';
echo (float)$float; // 23.12
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