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I am using Coreplot library to show a CandlestickPlot. The default implementation only has a single CPTPlotSpaceAnnotation attached to each plot in the graph(Highest value in OHLC/CandleStickPlot). I want to show two values for High as well as Low. I tried adding below code but no luck.

CPTPlotSpaceAnnotation *labelAnnotation = [[CPTPlotSpaceAnnotation alloc] initWithPlotSpace:self.plotSpace anchorPlotPoint:[NSArray arrayWithObjects:newX, newY, nil]];
labelAnnotation.annotationHostLayer = label.annotationHostLayer;
labelAnnotation.contentLayer = label.contentLayer;
[self addAnnotation:labelAnnotation];

[label is the default annotation displayed]

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  1. An annotation cannot share a content layer with another annotation. You'll need to create a new layer for the annotation content. CPTTextLayer is a common choice, but it can be any CPTLayer.

  2. What is self in this context? The default plot data label annotations are added to the plot; you should add your secondary plot labels to the plot, too.

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