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does Agile Toolkit support MS SQL Server database connection?

Under "atk4\lib\DB\dsql" folder i don't see a suitable driver.

I tried to do a test with sqlsrv driver, setting a proper dsn in config file.

But i have this application error when browsing a page:

File not found
Exception_PathFinder, code: 0
Additional information:
file: DB\dsql\sqlsrv.php
type: php
0: C:/wamp/www/lib/DB/dsql/sqlsrv.php
1: C:\wamp\www\atk4/lib/DB/dsql/sqlsrv.php
2: C:/wamp/www/atk4-addons/mvc/DB/dsql/sqlsrv.php
3: C:/wamp/www/atk4-addons/misc/lib/DB/dsql/sqlsrv.php
class: DB_dsql_sqlsrv
orig_class: DB_dsql_sqlsrv

Thank you for your help

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It does not appear to out of the box: agiletoolkit.org/learn/install/db –  Robert Gannon Jul 22 '13 at 12:34
you should be able to use any PHP PDO supported database with little change. Please create an empty class DB_dsql_sqlsrv extends DB_dsql –  romaninsh Aug 4 '13 at 20:53

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