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I'd like to display 10 recent posts (probably from the current month or year) from the "featured" category in random order, i.e, rotate posts on each refresh/pageload.

I'd like to show small thumbnails (the same image(s) used in the posts just resized to fit) on left, and excerpt on right. So the formatting would look like:

[#1 Post Title]
[80x80 thumbnail] [excerpt, limit to x chars]

[#2 Post Title]
[80x80 thumbnail] [excerpt, limit to x chars]

[#3 Post Title]
[80x80 thumbnail] [excerpt, limit to x chars]

... upto 10 posts

Many thanks

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Many plugins do random WordPress › WordPress Plugins >> Search "Random Posts". If they don't also do thumbnails, shouldn't be to hard to add a custom field to the query for the thumbnail.

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Can you please explain how'd I show the thumbnail? Thanks! –  3zzy Nov 26 '09 at 5:15
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Just what I wanted: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/thumbnail-for-excerpts/

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