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I'm using a page with a single modal defined on it ("#agenda-modal"). When a trigger (.agenda-item) is clicked, I'm showing this modal with remote content like so:

$("body").on("click", ".agenda-question", function(e){
  var url = <build my url here>;
    remote: url

This works fine (I'm using listening to $body.on because .agenda-items are added via javascript).

When the modal is closed, I want to reload a part of the page (the part that the form inside the modal modifies). So I'm using:

$("#agenda-modal").on("hidden", function(){

Of course, all wrapped up in

$(function() {...});

This works, but only once! When I first load the page and click a trigger, the modal loads up & when I close the modal the alert happens. If I click the same trigger again, the modal shows up again but this time when it closes the alert does not happen!

I don't know, but is this because the listener - on("hidden", function...) - is not "bound" anymore? I thought .on will always catch the event?

The code for the modal is straight off twitter:

<div class="modal hide fade" id="agenda-modal">
  <div class="modal-body"></div>
  <div class="modal-footer">
    <button class="btn" data-dismiss="modal">Close</button>

Any ideas? I really want to catch when a modal closes so that I can update the part of the page that would have been changed.

Using rails btw, not sure if that matters...

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What's your browser?, some browser's turn off alerts for the page after the first.. – ilan berci Jul 22 '13 at 13:31
It's firefox, I've seen it do that - it will ask me if I want to stop further alerts but that's generally after 5 or so. Also tested in IE 9 with same result. – user2563682 Jul 23 '13 at 12:39

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This is a known issue with Bootstrap

The issue is the event needs to be re-added every time it is fired, but on a delay.

Here is an example:

function hiddenModal() {
    setTimeout(function() {
        $("#agenda-modal").on("hidden", hiddenModal );
    }, 222);

$("#agenda-modal").on("hidden", hiddenModal );

This is similar to another question, but for a different kind of event:

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Can you provide a link to somewhere where this bug/feature is documented as officially a 'known issue'? – Chris W. Mar 4 at 20:49


$("#agenda-modal").on("hidden", function() {


$(document).on('', '#agenda-modal', function () {    
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I can confirm that this fixes the issue. – FreeAsInBeer Jun 8 at 15:11

Couldn't figure this out - everything looks OK, but there's a fair amount of js being added by the rails pipeline so I couldn't exclude the possibility something was interfering with my js.

Now using jquery's native modals instead.

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