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sorry to ask this but I google it and it seems nobody has this sort of thing. I installed Grails plugin called JCaptcha using GGTS (Grails & Groovy Tool Suite). In my project I followed the example from this link:

Well, the page loads with a broken image, and the "view source" option shows me this:

<img id="imageCaptcha" src="/myproject/jcaptcha/jpeg/imageCaptcha?id=1374498423" height="40px" width="40px" />
<br> <br>
<input type="text" name="captchaResponse" value="" id="captchaResponse" />
<br> <br>

The name "imageCaptcha" name is configured at Config.groovy

jcaptchas {
    imageCaptcha = new GenericManageableCaptchaService(
        new GenericCaptchaEngine(
            new GimpyFactory(
                new RandomWordGenerator(
                new ComposedWordToImage(
                    new RandomFontGenerator(
                        20, // min font size
                        30, // max font size
                        [new Font("Arial", 0, 10)] as Font[]
                    new GradientBackgroundGenerator(
                        140, // width
                        35, // height
                        new SingleColorGenerator(new Color(0, 60, 0)),
                        new SingleColorGenerator(new Color(20, 20, 20))
                    new NonLinearTextPaster(
                        6, // minimal length of text
                        6, // maximal length of text
                        new Color(0, 255, 0)
        180, // minGuarantedStorageDelayInSeconds
        180000 // maxCaptchaStoreSize

    // Uncomment this to enable the sound captcha, you must install FreeTTS for it to work though.
/*  sound = new DefaultManageableSoundCaptchaService()*/

And the tags I configured are:

<jcaptcha:jpeg name="imageCaptcha" height="40px" width="40px"/>
<br> <br>
<g:textField name="captchaResponse" value="" />
<br> <br>

My controller page has this:

def jcaptchaService
def index = { }

def processTheForm() {


        if (jcaptchaService.validateResponse("imageCaptcha",, params.captchaResponse)) {
             //"Text matches" : "Text doesn't match"


I don't understand what is going on since I'm still learning Grails. Do I need to add something else from the example? Thanks.

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This could occur if you were using a security plugin such as the one for Spring Security and hadn’t opened /myproject/jcaptcha/ to non-logged-in users. – ebenezer Jul 22 '13 at 20:38
So, in this case how to proceed? Because the user is about to create its account, that's the reason for captcha, hence he is not logged-in. – Rodrigo Camargo Jul 24 '13 at 20:04
The controller renders the image, so since a user sees the image in the signup process, that controller would probably need to be opened to non-logged-in users. Otherwise you’d only be able to render it when you’re logged in, and if you weren’t logged in and were trying to sign up, you’d see a broken image. If you’re using Spring Security, try adding an 'IS_AUTHENTICATED_ANONYMOUSLY' rule for /myproject/jcaptcha/**… – ebenezer Jul 24 '13 at 20:23
Ebenezer, thanks for your answer but I remove Spring Security and it is not working. Same error as before. So maybe is something else, but since Grails is a black box it seems that I will remove this captcha thing from my code. The weird part is ReCaptcha works perfectly, but we need to chango to Jcapctha or SimpleCaptcha. Both of them don't work. But thanks again. – Rodrigo Camargo Jul 26 '13 at 19:26
Indeed — you’re welcome, & sorry to hear that it didn’t work. – ebenezer Jul 26 '13 at 20:22

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