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Lets say I have parent class with some variable, which has phpdoc:

class Parent
     * This variable stores some important value that
     * is going to be changed in child classes
     * @var integer
    public $variable = 0;

Now I am writing child class, which has this variable overriden:

class Child extends Parent
    public $variable = 10;

So my question is: what phpdoc should I write for $variable in Child class, so I do not have to copy and paste variable description? Same question goes for methods. Help is much appreciated.

Update: I've asked this question after I've seen errors after creating phpdoc, like "No summary for property $variable" in Child class. If I add this summary - error disappears, but phpdoc shows description from Parent class anyway, no matter what I write in Child class. What am I doing wrong?

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{@inheritdoc} maybe? –  Clive Jul 22 '13 at 13:38
{@inheritDoc} seems to be used for class description, not for variable/method. Maybe it should be done with {@see}, but I seem to be unable to find the correct way. –  mr. Pavlikov Jul 22 '13 at 13:40
Ah yes, seems they changed it. Funny though, I know a major open source PHP project that uses {@inheritdoc} religiously on class methods/variables, not just for classes. And their docs compile just fine. In fact, even Symfony use it so it's definitely the right way to go –  Clive Jul 22 '13 at 13:43

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That behavior sounds like a bug to me. A complete lack of docblock on the child class property should result in the parent property docblock being inherited completely. Please report it as an issue at the github repo.

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