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I've been trying to create a joomla form in my view. But when I use the "apply" function and try to retrieve information from the $_POST global I lack two out of three fields. I can't for my life figure out what's wrong.

Since I get one of the fields I assume that I've created the form in a somewhat Joomla fashion.

<form action='<?php echo JRoute::_('index.php?option=com_mycomponent'); ?>' method='post' name="adminForm">
<fieldset><legend><?php echo JText::_('COM_MYCOMPONENT_SETTING_LEGEND'); ?></legend>
<label for=' <?php echo JText::_('COM_MYCOMPONENT_FORM_NAME'); ?>'> <?php echo JText::_('COM_MYCOMPONENT_USE'); ?>: </label>
<select name=' <?php echo JText::_('COM_MYCOMPONENT_FORM_NAME'); ?>' id=' <?php echo JText::_('COM_MYCOMPONENT_FORM_NAME'); ?>'>
<option value='0'> <?php echo JText::_('COM_MYCOMPONENT_NO')?></option>             
if ($this->m_use_osn)
    echo "<option value='1' selected>";
    echo "<option value='1'>";
<?php echo JText::_('COM_MYCOMPONENT_YES')?></option>   
<br /> 
<label for='<?php echo JText::_('COM_MYCOMPONENT_URL_FORM_NAME'); ?>'> <?php echo JText::_('COM_MYCOMPONENT_URL'); ?>: </label>     
if (!empty($this->m_osn_url)) 
    echo "<input type='text' value='".$this->m_osn_url."' /><br />";
    echo "<input type='text' placeholder='".JText::_('COM_MYCOMPONENT_URL_PLACEHOLDER')."' /><br /> ";
<label for='<?php echo JText::_('COM_MYCOMPONENT_KEY_FORM_NAME'); ?>'> <?php echo JText::_('COM_MYCOMPONENT_KEY'); ?>: </label>                 
if (!empty($this -> m_osn_key))
    echo "<input type='text' value='" . $this -> m_key . "' /><br /> ";
    echo "<input type='text' placeholder='".JText::_('COM_MYCOMPONENT_KEY_PLACEHOLDER')."' /><br />";
<input type="hidden" name="task" value="" />
<input type='submit' value=' <?php echo JText::_('COM_MYCOMPONENT_SUBMIT'); ?> />

However, what a var_dump($_POST) gives me is this:

array(3) {
  string(1) "0"
  string(5) "apply"
  string(14) "com_mycomponent"

So, for some reason I'm not getting any of the text input fields. I've tried to get the data through JFactory::getApplication()->input... as well, for some reason it ignore my <input type='text' />. Do I have to register these in the $_POST global in some way? Since I cannot use a regular submit button but must depend on the joomla bar I am getting a bit frustrated with getting a semi empty $_POST.

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You have forgot to give the name of input fields in form. Please assign the distinct name for each field. – Toretto Jul 22 '13 at 14:13
Thank you! I will hang my head in shame for a while now. Give this as answer and I'll accept it and the question can be closed :). – Emil Carlsson Jul 22 '13 at 14:16
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You have forgot to give the name of input fields in form. Please assign the distinct name for each field.You may refer this.

Dealing with Forms

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