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I've created a custom template for Qt Creator wizard which contains three files:

  • main.cpp
  • project.pro
  • wizard.xml

Now I'd also like to include a class to the project when the project is created. This class (including .h and .cpp files) should be named based on the user's input in the wizard.

I already managed to create the wizard for asking the class's name:

    <field mandatory="true" name="CLASS">
        <fieldcontrol class="QLineEdit" defaulttext="MyClass" />
        <fielddescription>Class name:</fielddescription>

Now how do I create .h and .cpp files from the user input?

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So... You're trying to create a code-generator? Your question is very confusing to me. –  Huytard Jul 22 '13 at 20:02
@Huytard Qt Creator supports custom wizards for creating projects. I'm trying to make my own which also creates a class when ever a new project is created. –  Markus Meskanen Jul 22 '13 at 21:17

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Ok, similar to the link you posted, what you want to do seems to be in the documentation already

Since you have your field named CLASS:

 <field mandatory="true" name="CLASS">

You then use that field as the target of a file:

     <file source="default.cpp" target="%CLASS:l%..%CppSourceSuffix%"  openeditor="true" />
     <file source="default.h" target="%CLASS:l%.%CppHeaderSuffix%"  openeditor="true" />

Maybe you can try to modify an existing template first instead of creating from scratch?

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Wow I'm stupid, thanks! I will make sure to take a deeper look at the existing templates :P –  Markus Meskanen Jul 24 '13 at 20:10

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