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I had problems with copy and paste on MonoMac and found Clipboard.GetText() always returns empty string in Mono on Mac which suggested using NSPasteboard but I can't find any good examples or explanation on how to do so in Mono/C#. I think I understand the Objective-C API but the mapping the C# I find confusing so any help would be great.

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Here is a simple example of copying and pasting a string:

private static string[] pboardTypes = new string[] { "NSStringPboardType" };

public static void SetText(string text)
    NSPasteboard.GeneralPasteboard.DeclareTypes(pboardTypes, null);
    NSPasteboard.GeneralPasteboard.SetStringForType(text, pboardTypes[0]);

public static string GetText()
    return NSPasteboard.GeneralPasteboard.GetStringForType(pboardTypes[0]);
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This will work with other programs, right? (even so thanks!) –  shmuelie Jul 22 '13 at 17:56
It should work fine –  TheNextman Jul 22 '13 at 18:00

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