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I am looking for a plugin that will allow me to edit searched jira issues in a grid - much like excel. Couldn't really find one in the jira market place section or on google. So question 1 - is there a plugin (free or paid) that I can use to do this.

I also looked at what it would take to create a custom plugin to support this functionality. I looked at Jira Search Request View. I was wondering if we can use this with a view that allows editing of the individual fields displayed in the search grid. I will have to figure out the details on how inline editing would work and how stuff would get saved, but at a high level does this sound plausible?

Note - This approach may sound naive, but I have no background in doing development on Jira API

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With JExcel you can edit JIRA issues just like in Excel.

I hope it helped,

Regards, Janos

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