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I want to check if a string contains only digits. I used this:

var isANumber = isNaN(theValue) === false;

if (isANumber){

.. but realized that it also allows + and -. Basically I wanna make sure the input contains ONLY digits and no other letters. Since +100 and -5 are both numbers, isNaN, is not the right way to go. Perhaps a regexp is what I need? Any tips?

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how about

var isnum = /^\d+$/.test(val);
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Have a look at this post... stackoverflow.com/questions/18082/… –  jasa Feb 27 '14 at 17:20
You should use [0-9] instead of \d to be more clear. \d is meant to match any kind of digit, including ones from other languages, although I think JavaScript is an exception where \d is only 0-9. –  mukunda Sep 19 '14 at 5:41
string.match(/^[0-9]+$/) != null;
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var isNumber =  /^\d+$/.test(theValue);
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String.prototype.isNumber = function(){return /^\d+$/.test(this);}
console.log("123123".isNumber()); // outputs true
console.log("+12".isNumber()); // outputs false
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Well, you can use the following regex:

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