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I'm working on a project for a reporting/analytics, I'm suffering to decide between storing files in mongodb, which would be awesome because of the sharding, but I have some concerns.

Some information about the app:

The document size to put in mongodb could go from a few KBs to 20MB, normally with more than 1 file, but the files not bigger than 4MB each(for now).

My concerns are: If I store the images in the mongodb, wouldn't this make the queries much slower? I heard people saying that with GridFS this is not something to be concerned about, but the files I want to store are not bigger than 16MB, so, Should I use GridFS? If I use mongodb to store files without GridFS. Storing the files in a separated collection and keeping the documents related would make analytics queries faster?

Thank you! :)

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If you google search a little you will find many question already answered on this topic –  Sammaye Jul 22 '13 at 14:37
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